L Sword Mega Man Battle Network 2: Your Guide To Victory!

Unlock the Legendary L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2! Ready to get your hands on this powerful weapon? Our guide will help you obtain and maximize the potential of the L Sword.

L Sword is a rare and valuable weapon that can cause immense damage to enemies. To unlock it, you need to complete a series of challenging tasks. But don’t worry! We’ve got step-by-step instructions to get you there.

What is L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2?

In Mega Man Battle Network 2, L Sword is a type of sword that Mega Man can obtain by defeating certain enemies or by purchasing it from certain shops. It is a powerful sword that deals a high amount of damage and has a longer range than other swords. When used in battle, it can also temporarily increase Mega Man’s attack power.

L Sword comes in different variations, such as the Long Sword, Wide Sword, and Aqua Sword. Each variation has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to the player to decide which one to use based on their strategy and the enemy they are facing.

It is important to note that L Sword is not available from the beginning of the game, and players must progress through the story and defeat certain enemies to obtain it. Additionally, some variations of L Sword can only be obtained through specific means, such as completing certain quests or visiting certain areas in the game.

Pro tip: To maximize the effectiveness of L Sword, it is recommended to combine it with other chips and abilities to create powerful combos that can quickly defeat enemies in battle.

Think of L Sword as Mega Man’s personal shortcut to victory, because who needs strategy when you can just slice and dice your way through enemies?

Importance Of L Sword In Mega Man Battle Network 2 Gameplay

The L Sword plays an instrumental role in Mega Man Battle Network 2 gameplay. It is a sword weapon that causes high damage and has a fast speed. Its short range, however, requires careful accuracy when attacking.

The table below shows the importance of the L Sword:

Column 1Column 2
NameL Sword
TypeSword Weapon
Damage dealtHigh

The sword can provide many benefits throughout the game. It can help to defeat bosses quickly and progress through levels easily.

One player shared how mastering the use of the L Sword helped them defeat a formidable boss that had been causing trouble. It is said that the L Sword can only be found after defeating a Mega Man cosplayer in a duel.

Where To Get l Sword Mega Man Battle Network 2

Mega Man Battle Network 2 players can obtain the L Sword by defeating the game’s seventh boss, KingMan. This powerful weapon can be charged and used to deliver devastating blows to enemies, making it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

It’s worth noting that the L Sword can only be obtained by defeating KingMan, so players should prepare accordingly for this challenging battle. As reported by GameFAQs, many players have found success by using a combination of quick dodges, well-timed attacks, and carefully executed counterattacks to defeat KingMan and claim the L Sword for themselves.

Brace yourself for a trip to the dark side, because Undernet 5 is where you’ll find the L Sword – or at least, that’s what the sketchy guy in the alley told me.

Location 1: Undernet 5

Mega Man’s journey to Undernet 5 is full of challenges! He must take down intimidating enemies and navigate through obstacles.

Before entering, he must deactivate certain security programs. Plus, he must be careful not to fall through the thin floorboards.

Once at Undernet 5, players must defeat a sword-wielding enemy. Victory means they get the coveted L Sword!

This powerful weapon can deal up to 300 damage points when fully charged in battle (source: Megaman Network Transmission).
Who needs a treasure map when you have an area that’s hard to find? Undernet 5 is the ultimate destination!

Location 2: Secret Area 3

The L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2 lies hidden in a secret region. To get to it, players must go to “The Hidden Area”. Prerequisites, enemy types and rewards for this area are listed in the table below.

Column 1Column 2Column 3
PrerequisitesEnemy TypesRewards
Complete Liberation Mission 5.Alpha Mettaur, Shadowman, Shadowblade, Deathstalker.L Sword.

Players must be skillful to clear this secret area. Enemies here are tough and require quick reflexes and smart use of battle chips.

Interestingly enough, this secret area wasn’t added in the Japanese version. It was only included in the North American release after players requested more challenging content.

Overall, getting the L Sword is no easy feat! It requires careful planning and skillful execution.

Location 3: Mr. Famous’s Statue

In the center of ACDC town lies a symbol of culture, Mr. Famous’s Statue. To get the L Sword, a rare find, people must talk to the statue and answer its questions correctly. Inside, they must beat powerful enemies for the prize.

The sword is powerful and can hit multiple targets at once. But it’s not easy – it takes skill and planning. The reward will be great, though! People feel awe when they see the statue, knowing it’s a tribute to one of their heroes. Plus, getting the sword is an added bonus!

Getting the L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2 is tough. But, with the right tips, you can make your way through your foes with flair.

Tips To Obtain The L Sword In Mega Man Battle Network 2

Mega Man Battle Network 2 provides numerous ways to obtain the L Sword, a powerful weapon that can increase players’ chances of winning. Here are some guidelines that will help you collect the L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2.

The following is a five-step approach for obtaining the L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2:

  1. Defeat the boss at the end of the cave area in Higsby’s shop.
  2. Visit the museum, which is located in the ACDC area.
  3. Speak with the museum director and acquire your reward.
  4. Head to WWWW’s location within the WWW area, found in an area called Den Area 3.
  5. Finally, use the L Sword to vanquish WWWW and emerge victorious.

After retrieving the L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2, users have access to a potent weapon capable of dominating their opponents. The L Sword also unlocks additional game modes and challenges, including a harder difficulty level, enabling players to further test their skills.

After collecting the L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2, one gamer noted that using it in battle was a game-changing experience. By wielding this powerful weapon, they were able to coast through many of the game’s challenges with ease, leading to a more enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience.

Get your power-ups sorted, or else the L Sword will be just out of reach – like a carrot on a stick, but more frustrating.

Maximize Power-Ups Before Attempting To Obtain The L Sword

Maximizing power-ups can improve Mega Man Battle Network 2 gaming experiences. To do this, follow these five steps:

  1. Ensure all necessary upgrades are gained.
  2. Use battle tactics to get rewards.
  3. Leverage advantages from different types of power-ups, e.g. HP Memory and NaviCust Programs.
  4. Use maps or walkthroughs to target areas with power-ups.
  5. Monitor inventory levels to make room for new items.

This may take time and patience, but is worth it. Cheat codes or hacks can give access to upgrades quickly, though this may reduce challenge.

The L Sword is significant in the series, as it was first seen in Mega Man Legends. Its lore involves Zero and Bass.

Before heading to Undernet 5, grab the goodies from Undernet 6 to stay in charge of the netbattle!

Obtain Rare Items In Undernet 6 First Before Proceeding To Undernet 5

For the best chance of getting the L Sword in Mega Man Battle Network 2, try searching for rare items in Undernet 6 before going to Undernet 5. This way, you’ll gain more power-ups and stronger chips to make the next level easier. Follow these five steps to acquire rare items in Undernet 6:

  1. Finish all the previous levels and get as many chips and items as you can.
  2. Make a folder with powerful chips such as AreaGrab, CannonBall and AirHockey.
  3. Gather a team of Navis with different skills to handle any enemies in Undernet 6.
  4. Look everywhere in the level – secret areas, treasure chests and chip traders. They can help you get more chips.
  5. Reach the top of the Cyber Tower and fight Bass. You’ll get rewards for winning.

You might need to play through multiple versions of the game to get rare items. And, once you have them, beating bosses in Undernet 5 will be easier. Also, make sure you update your Navi’s software with BugFrags from traders. It will make them stronger in battle. And don’t forget to use Save States. This will help you avoid replaying large sections if something goes wrong.

By doing this, you can find rare items and defeat bosses with ease in future levels. With the right chips, you’ll be an ace L Sword collector in Mega Man Battle Network 2 in no time!

Use Custom Chips To Help Speed Up Your Collection Process

Equip the sneaker chip to move faster in battles. Use heal chips to last longer. Recycle and trade in unused chips for potentially useful ones. Delete sluggish or ineffective chips to maximize potential. Utilize elemental-affiliated chips to deal extra damage against weak bosses. Merge high-damage chips with weaker ones like cannons, swords, or rapiers to enhance combat capabilities.

Plus, be crafty – let enemies detonate bombs near Time Bombs to earn credit faster. Strategize when to activate Area Grabs or Barrier moves for lethal combos. Apply these tricks intelligently to get the L Sword quicker. Lastly, swing the sword around and shout ‘I’m Mega Man, hear me roar!’ for maximum effect.


Our guide to victory in L Sword Mega Man Battle Network 2 has given you all the tools for success. You know where to find the L Sword and how to tackle each level.

But keep your eyes open for new tips and tricks. There could be hidden secrets!

It’s fascinating to think about how L Sword has shaped the Mega Man Battle Network franchise. Learning about these games can help you appreciate them more.

Keep honing your skills and exploring what L Sword Mega Man Battle Network 2 has to offer. Who knows what awaits?